Bringing the best of London & Dubai

HD effortlessly provide an unrivalled VIP concierge service, utterly bespoke and leaving you with memorable memories.


Dubai in recent years has provided London with some serious competition with the added advantage of year round sunshine enabling a series of thrilling outdoor activities. Our Dubai based team mirrors the services offered in London. With the addition of our Private Yacht services, we are enabling our clients to entertain in the midst of the crystal clear waters of the Arabian peninsula. Dubai’s location is an excellent transit point to exclusively access our private jet facilities enabling us to provide you with a truly international experience. Our team has seen Dubai evolve over the years and our local presence will ensure you will experience the hidden treasures of this metropolis desert city.


London is a pioneering, vibrant world class city and the plethora of choice can leave many daunted. We know time is precious to our clients and we have cherry picked a series of London’s top restaurants, member only clubs and bars that we know will leave a lasting impression. Our team are well versed with the social circuit in London, enabling access to the latest art gallery opening or obtaining a last minute ticket to a concert. Complementing our hand chosen network of services, our diverse fleet of executive vehicles are available on hand to effortlessly take you from one venue to another to complete your experience.